Some Of The Best Skincare Tips

  • Rub ice cubes on your face, twice a week.
  • From one whole pizza to one slice pizza, from one plate “Pani-Puri” to just one piece of Pani Puri. Cut to the chase, cut out 90% of your junk food from your diet.
  • At least sweat for 45 minutes, cardio, yoga anything. More the sweat, double the glow.
  • Have your 6 hours of “Beauty Sleep.”
  • Soak you skin with 15 minutes of morning sunshine. It's the deal-breaker.
  • Don't use products that have parabens, sulfate, or perfumes.
  • Replace your face wash with a CLEANSER.
  • Don't run behind a serum or face mask. Grow your own aloe vera plant in your house. Cut it, clean it and apply its gel before sleep. It takes away the dryness of the skin and reduces the possibility of acne.

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